Kitchen Remodeling

Planning, Budgeting and Choosing a Contractor

Think you’re finally ready to remodel those kitchen features you’ve been loathing for years? Whether it’s updating appliances, putting in a tile backsplash or redoing the horrible countertops you've been dying to replace, a kitchen remodel can be a really big project. Thorough planning, concise budgeting and a reliable kitchen remodeling contractor are the most important aspects to ensure a pain-free remodeling experience.

What does a kitchen remodel entail?

A kitchen remodel can be overwhelming and at times a frightening task. For both new and seasoned homeowners, deciding where to start your remodel can be difficult. There are many different levels of renovation based on the homeowner’s preferences. Here is a roundup of what to keep on your radar when planning for a kitchen renovation.

  • Lighting
  • Appliances
  • Back splash alteration
  • Cabinetry
  • Counters
  • Flooring
  • Style details (i.e. wall paint, decorations)
  • Plumbing
  • Floor Plan


Planning Considerations

The first, and most important, aspect to consider when planning a kitchen remodel is your budget. It should determine every other decision you make throughout the planning and remodeling process. If you don’t strictly follow your budget, your remodel could quickly drain your bank account.

To set your budget, reference your home’s value as a guide. Generally, your entire kitchen remodeling budget should cost no more than 15 percent of your entire home. For the average kitchen remodel, the National Kitchen Bath Association has found that homeowners tend to allocate their budgets in the following ways:

  • Cabinetry - 48 percent
  • Countertops - 18 percent
  • Appliances - 15 percent
  • Fixtures - 6 percent
  • Lighting and electrical - 5 percent
  • Flooring - 5 percent
  • Walls and trim - 3 percent

Another thing to think about is how long you plan to live in your home. If this renovation is a real estate investment, you should only put the money into it that you think you will be able to make back when you sell your home. If the kitchen remodel is for personal use, make sure you take into consideration the ergonomics and comfort of those who will be using the space.

After you have your budget settled, start making a plan. Layout how you want your kitchen to look and identify the styles you plan to use before going any further into the remodeling process. Have the important decisions made so that the little ones will be easier and more cost effective.

Finally, decide which are the most important upgrades on your to-do list. Make sure you have these things identified and your budget is allocated to support these renovations. That way, when unexpected expenses arise, the essential renovations are not compromised.

Choosing the right contractor

When looking for a company to do your kitchen renovation, the best place to start is by talking to people you trust that have remodeled before. Word of mouth goes a long way in the world of renovation, and personal referrals are a great way to get connected to prospective remodeling companies.

Secondly, research remodeling companies that are located in your area to make sure they provide the services you need. Finding a company that is close to home can be financially beneficial, and the company is more likely to be familiar with the area’s trends and infrastructure.

After you have a few potential candidates, interview them. The team at Firenza Stone is happy to answer your questions about our construction expertise and design capabilities at our showroom.

If you’re located in Cleveland,OH and are ready to have Firenza Stone remodel your kitchen, stop into our showroom today or give us a call at (440) 953-8883 to learn more about our remodeling services and options.

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