How to Preserve Your Marble Countertops

Marble Countertops

Firenza Stone® offers cabinetry, interior design, contractor services, tiling, lighting, consultation and most importantly natural stone for remodels and installation.  There are numerous materials, styles and variations among the kinds of natural stone we carry, but marble has proven to be one of the most popular choices among our customers. Marble is stunning and lights up any room. Its unique veining pattern ensures each slab is exclusive to your home. However, with beauty comes a cost, and marble countertops need routine care and maintenance in order to avoid falling into a lackluster state.

Marble countertops may be water- and heat-resistant, but their easily etched surface can be affected by acidic solutions. Harsh household cleaners containing vinegar and some glass cleaners can actually worsen the surface. Using a cutting board for lemons, limes and oranges is also a good way to avoid acidic etching.

The first way to avoid potential stains is enforcing spotless surfaces. After spills, clean the area immediately with a warm, soft kitchen towel or mild cleaner.  Protect your island’s surface with stylish place mats, durable coasters and trendy table runners. Using protection underneath appliances will also help preserve the good looks of your marble countertops.

The soft material is also more prone to minor imperfections. After a complete cleaning, buffing out scratches and signs of surface abuse from dings and scrapes comes next. Buffing leaves marble countertops looking polished and restores the charm. All you need is marble polishing powder, etch remover and a six-inch orbital buffer. The friction from the buffer and coarse polisher creates the needed force to smooth the surface out perfectly. In the long run, purchasing a hand buffer is normally cheaper than renting one, and this is an easy operation you can do yourself.

Applying a sealer to the smooth finish of your marble countertops is the last step to sealing the deal. Wipe away any excess scraps from the buffing process and apply a penetrating sealer that will seep into the cracks of the surface.

Cleaning, buffing and sealing should be a regular routine for any homeowner with marble countertops. With a little care, the surface’s elegance and beauty will remain intact and continue to be the focal point in your home. Marble is also ideal for floors, fireplace surroundings, bathrooms, vanity tops and wall fixtures. Although you may come across some scratches and chips, the timeless material only adds character to any room in your home. Contact Firenza Stone and find out how to install our classic marble countertops into your home today.



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