Marble FaQs

The most commonly asked questions about marble – from care tips to repairs.

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Are you thinking about adding the elegant hues of marble's distinct tones to your kitchen or bathroom? Marble's unique patterns and durability make it a great complement to any style of home. Learn more about how to care for marble's timeless elements:

What is marble?
Marble is a hard crystalline metamorphic form of limestone, composed of calcite, a form of calcium carbonate. While it's a softer stone than granite and requires maintenance, marble's elegant white hue complements any home.

Can you scratch, burn, or stain marble countertops?
Yes. Unfortunately, marble's calcium carbonate, polished surfaces make it more vulnerable to accidents.

What is etching?
Due to marble's calcium carbonate makeup, when acids come into contact with its exterior, the acid can eat away at the surface. This reaction creates dull, spotty marks, known at etches. Fortunately, an etch is not a stain and can be buffed out. Choosing honed marble over polished marble countertops is a good option if you're concerned about preventing the visibility of etches.

Can marble be repaired?
Luckily, most damage that can be done to marble can be repaired. Marble polishing powder and etching remover are typically very effective ways to remove light scratches and etching from polished marble. A fabricator, like Firenza Stone, can repair small chips, pits or fissures.

The most challenging accident to repair is a crack. Most often the cracked part of the stone can be repaired by a professional through epoxy.  However, in some cases parts of the stone may need to be replaced.

Polished and honed marble finished are the most popular marble surfaces. A polished marble surface is glossy and shiny, while a honed finish creates more of a matte look.

What is the best way to clean marble?
A good practice when cleaning marble is to not use any cleaner that you wouldn’t use on your hands. Acidic agents can damage surfaces; this includes vinegar and lemon juice as well. Wiping down countertops with warm water, a nonabrasive sponge and mild soap is the best for marble surfaces.

How long will marble countertops last?
If marble could hold up some of the world’s most monumental buildings, it can withstand the wear and tear of your kitchen. With proper upkeep, your marble countertops will last as long as your house does.

If you would like to learn more about marble surfaces, or you would like to order marble countertops for your home, contact Firenza Stone at (440) 953-8883 or stop by our showroom.

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